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Cashmere Cat Wedding Bells

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Megaman x Break Man Andrew Heath

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Adrian Drake (aka BrickFrenzy) built this incredibly awesome LEGO Bender Bending Rodríguez sculpture for the 2014 Brickworld convention. Including his vital antenna, Bender stands six feet tall and was built over the course of one month using approximately 20,000 LEGO bricks. He even features a fully-functional chest cavity for storing booze and cigars. But please, nobody tell him that he doesn’t actually have a shiny metal ass.

To make matters even cooler, The Brothers Brick contributor Simon Liu took it upon himself to build a life-size Nixon head (out of his jar, but afflicted with a brain slug) that fit on top of LEGO Bender’s body. Liu also had a bit of fun wearing Bender’s head.

[via The Brothers Brick]

For an even better look at LEGO Bender, check out this brief video in which Joshua Hanlon from BrickPodcast.com talks to Adrian Drake about his geektastic new creation.

This…this……….this is pure poetry.

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As you can see, my phone is quite cluttered…

Tagged by Rachael. Thank you for being so cool always.

If you don’t mind a slight violation of your privacy, share a screenshot of your phone and tag some people:

paul4allseasons, kokumaicmk-3, ii-kay, beachshell, chopa and anyone else should do this (if you want, of course), if for any reason just to confirm I still have friends T__T, and that I’m not totally invisible.

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they do realize ‘gamer’ is not a male specific term right?

like they dont have to say ‘female gamer’

its like saying ‘doctor’ and ‘female doctor’ like fucking shut up

I’d just like to point out that this post illustrates how flawed the English language can be sometimes.

For example, in German there is a separate article and suffix to designate the female “counterpart”, as it were. For example, the word for scientist is “der Wissenschaftler”, whereas “die Wissenschaftlerin” is a female scientist. To the Germans, this is in fact a compliment, as one of the most important dissertations in the field of particle physics was written by a female.

Designations to them are a built in part of the language, while our distinction is nothing but an afterthought.

[Gamer would be “der Zocker” or “die Zockerin”, respectively]

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Game of Thrones Theme Low Brass cover

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It’s funny how others tend to fancy themselves experts on the subject of your life.

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Please don’t tell jokes with a straight face. Telling a joke with a “straight” face automatically makes the joke homophobic.